cvmfs Migration Plan

Executive summary

As has been noted, the time between when we install files into /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft and when they appear on /cvmfs/ can be several hours because the files must first be copied via rsync to cvmfs and then published. This time delay is problematic.

We now have a dedicated larsoft cvmfs area: /cvmfs/, where we can install products directly onto cvmfs. Releases will be announced after the cvmfs publish step, but there will still be some delay while the cvmfs staging collects the changes.

Experiments will need to change their setup scripts to add /cvmfs/ No other changes are necessary. This is just a change in where the larsoft products are found.

Recall that once cvmfs is installed, you should be able to access any cvmfs repository.

Releases to be installed

  • We think that most people are either using a production release or a recent larsoft release.
  • We plan to install the following releases in /cvmfs/
    • recent larsoft releases starting with v06_69_01
    • all v06 production releases
    • v05_14_00 for DUNE
    • v05_08_00_01 for MicroBooNE
    • v03_08_02 for SBND
  • Other releases may be installed upon request.

Production releases for /cvmfs/

This is a short list. The full list of releases is available here.

LArSoft Production Release LArSoftObj Release Date Purpose Changes / notes Full release notes
future Changes Expected for Future Releases
v06_70_01_01 v1_41_01 03/13/2018 requested by SBND for SBN workshop Release Notes
v06_26_01_10 v1_11_00_05 01/31/2018 requested by MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06_26_01_09 v1_11_00_04 12/12/2017 requested by MicroBooNE, uses art v2_05_01 Release Notes
v06_26_01_08 v1_11_00_03 11/20/2017 requested by MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06.26.01.07 10/19/2017 for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06.26.01.05 09/12/2017 Production Release for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06.26.01.04 08/05/2017 Production Release for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06.26.01.03 06/13/2017 Production Release for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06.26.01.02 05/04/2017 Production Release for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06.26.01.01 04/04/2017 Production Release for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v06.30.00 04/03/2017 Production Release first release with art 2.06.03, ProtoDUNE production Release Notes
v06.26.01 02/23/2017 Production Release for MicroBooNE mcc8 Release Notes
v06.05.00 08/31/2016 Integration Release DUNE MCC7.2 Release Notes
v06.04.01 08/24/2016 Weekly Tag DUNE MCC7.1 Release Notes
v06.02.00 08/05/2016 Integration Release DUNE MCC7.0 Release Notes
Release Date Purpose Changes / notes Full release notes
v05.08.00.01 11/03/2016 Production Release requested by MicroBooNE Release Notes
v05.14.00 06/29/2016 Integration release DUNE 35t production Release Notes
v03.08.02 02/12/2015 Final tag rollup tag preceeding v04_00_00 - retain for SBND Release Notes

Removing the old product area

  • We plan to freeze and then remove /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft
    • The date for this is not yet established.
  • We are aware that there are problems using cvmfs on the Jenkins macOS build machines.
    • A CI update scheduled for March 20 is expected to help.
    • After the March 20 CI update, we will work to see if cvmfs can be used reliably on the Jenkins build machines.
    • If there is still a problem, we will work with the experiments to find reasonable solution.

Reporting problems

Please either open a LArSoft redmine issue or send email to