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02/21/2019 Herbert Greenlee Requirements Support #21942: Request patch release larsoft v08_05_00_04 Use art v3_01_02 0.00
07/18/2016 Katherine Lato Requirements Feature #11995: PFParticle mode of Track3DKalmanHit: (Kalman Module code review recommendation) 0.00
07/18/2016 Katherine Lato Requirements Feature #11994: Enable use of Kalman Filter as final fitter (Kalman Module code review recommendation) 0.00
10/05/2017 Hans-Joachim Wenzel Requirements Task #16857: Delivery of replacement code for LArG4. mu Boone feedback on dataproduct 0.50
04/12/2016 Lynn Garren Requirements Task #12266: tag and build larsoft v04_36_00_03 0.50
10/28/2019 Lynn Garren Requirements Support #23419: Request patch release v08_27_01_01 for ProtoDUNE production 0.50
12/08/2016 Katherine Lato Requirements Task #14692: Discuss topic with Erica 1.00
03/09/2017 Katherine Lato Requirements Task #15818: Develop Outline for LArSoft Geometry document including understanding issues 1.00
01/12/2017 Katherine Lato Requirements Task #14713: Solicit ideas for the 2017 LArSoft Workshop 5.00
11/22/2016 Katherine Lato Requirements Task #14591: 3 Provide a physics validation suite to validate physics 20.00
08/16/2018 Jason Stock Analysis Necessary Maintenance #20568: Use of ValidHandle::failedToGet break use of ParticleInventory/BackTracker/PhotonBackTracker in gallery Starting 0.00
06/06/2017 Marc Paterno Analysis Bug #16776: Reco1 memory leak Suppression known reports about ROOT from Valgrind 0.00
06/29/2020 Robert Hatcher Analysis Support #24574: Update GENIE generator and reweight combo to use Reweight R-1_00_06 instead of R-1_00_04 fix autocorrected misspelling in title 0.00
09/24/2018 Hans-Joachim Wenzel Analysis Necessary Maintenance #19413: Hard-coded scintillation photon energy 0.10
09/24/2018 Hans-Joachim Wenzel Analysis Feature #16373: Add a random stream specific for ionisation and scintillation calculations in LArG4 Does not apply to the refactored geant4 module 0.10
03/01/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Support #11776: How to find planegap for DetectorProperties::Efield 0.25
10/28/2015 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #10663: Event dumper does not show the product class column any more Including resolution 0.50
07/18/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Feature #13276: PhotonVisibilityService should be factorised 0.50
04/05/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #16113: ProviderList test fails in larcore 0.50
06/07/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #16778: Memory deallocation error running MicroBooNE reconstruction 0.50
03/01/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #11659: Investigate the failure in support of pandora visualization within LArSoft Reproducing the problem 0.50
03/11/2018 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #19345: Module descriptions not printed any more 0.50
10/19/2015 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #10538: Event display cannot read data products with an instance name 0.50
04/11/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Support #10725: Investigate merging DBSCAN algorithms 0.50
09/26/2018 Hans-Joachim Wenzel Analysis Necessary Maintenance #20029: SimpleBoundary() should be moved from DetectorProperties to LArProperties the new geant4 module will handle all the optical processes. 0.50
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