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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
09/26/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Design Task #14060: Provide ways to navigate associated data products in a seamless way 20.00
02/13/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #15400: unit test test_feag and test_feag2 fail on MacOS only 20.00
12/08/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Design Feature #13971: New Geometry Feature subtask - iterators to geometry elements. 20.00
03/06/2018 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Task #17928: Consulting on LArSoft information needed for profiling 16.00
12/29/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Design Idea #17278: Add an example on how to create data products of a new type 16.00
07/05/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Feature #17099: Make standard geometry available in gallery environment 16.00
04/11/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Design Task #12237: Usability: add facilities for better/easier use of associations Internal discussions, planning, update of web page. Does not include interviews. 16.00
12/10/2015 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Feature #10888: Complete first round of services re-architecture FHiCL validation for two core services 16.00
04/08/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Bug #12197: Geant4 output different when changing G4-unrelated configuration 12.00
04/13/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Design Feature #16129: Can't find nearest wire for position Developed a better algorithm 10.00
05/02/2018 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Feature #19043: need a more generic version of the methods NextValidPoint and PreviousValidPoint, taking as an argument a list of allowed (or forbidden) flags 8.00
03/07/2018 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Task #19036: Community input on requirements 8.00
01/10/2018 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Feature #17804: Provide a way to associate MCParticles between generator and G4 steps 8.00
11/01/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Support #15100: Need faster NearestWire look up method Many attempts with different profilers, each one crashing in a different way. 8.00
09/29/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #14384: Copy of the Geometry object does not behave as the original one 8.00
08/18/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Design Bug #17431: Missing stuff in RangeForWrapperIterator 8.00
06/21/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Idea #13972: New Geometry Feature subtask - iterators to subsets of geometry elements 8.00
04/21/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Analysis Bug #16169: Event display zoom not working 8.00
03/30/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Design Task #16031: Introduce a proper view to describe ICARUS wire planes Discussions on the implementation 8.00
08/30/2016 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Feature #13276: PhotonVisibilityService should be factorised 8.00
10/05/2015 Gianluca Petrillo Development Bug #1083: filter::ChannelFilter should be made into a service Code review 8.00
04/10/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Feature #16129: Can't find nearest wire for position 7.00
04/12/2018 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Bug #18001: lar::ProviderPack should accept objects of classes derived from the required ones 6.00
03/19/2018 Gianluca Petrillo Implementation Task #17922: Consulting on LArSoft information needed for vectorization 6.00
12/27/2017 Gianluca Petrillo Design Necessary Maintenance #15446: BezierTrack should be removed from LArSoft 6.00
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