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05/20/2019 Hans-Joachim Wenzel Analysis Bug #22559: Charge/Light yield incorrect for low energy Ions. I had a look at the paper Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A523:275-286,2004 then I took the Bethe formula and calculated a stopping power of 550 MeVg/cm2 for the alpha and 220 for the proton of Ekin=5MeV. this gives a recombination value of 0.0233957 for the alpha and 0.0487299 for the proton. This looks reasonable the paper lists 0.014 for an 5.64 MeV alpha given a field of 0.5 KV/cm. (If I take a the stopping power from Geant 4 directly I get R= 0.0105). So overall things look they are in the right ballpark and the model describes the physics as well as we know it. 4.00

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