User documentation

Cluster Crawler Technical Manual

04/22/2014 02:42 PM

Technical manual for the Cluster Crawler suite of routines for reconstructing 2D clusters - CCHitFinderAlg, ClusterCrawlerAlg and CCHitRefinerAlg.

Architecture specification for the LArSoft CI System

02/06/2015 08:24 AM

V0.1: initial working draft
V0.4: Active version

Requirements for LArSoft Continuous Integration System

02/06/2015 08:33 AM

v1 CI system requirements

v0.2: first draft
v0.3: second draft incorporating design meeting discussions
v0.3a: identical to v0.3, except outstanding question removed.
v0.7: Final version. Active for CI system v1

Requirements for CI system display and reporting

TrajCluster User Guide

08/02/2018 12:07 PM

Users manual for TrajCluster.

Raw Hit Finder Update

03/27/2018 01:39 PM

Record of updates made to the Raw Hit Finder module in march 2018

Technical Review

Evaluating the use of Geant4 through LArSoft

10/02/2015 11:50 AM

Evaluating the use of Geant4 through LArSoft in the LArIAT experiment