LarSoft alpha testbed

Using the alpha0 release

This is a proof of principal release. There are, as yet, no user build tools.

A complete binary distribution is available at /grid/fermiapp/larsoft/products
  • source /grid/fermiapp/larsoft/products/setup
  • setup larsoft v0_00_01 -q e2:<debug|prof>

See Getting and Building larsoft-alpha

mrb notes

LArSoft To Do

UPS product list and dependency tree

LarSoft Product List

Product Starting List

LarSoft Dependency Tree as of mid-September

LarSoft Dependency Tree as of Nov. 25, 2013

Getting and Building larsoft-alpha

The mrb proposal

cvmfs notes (not strictly part of the alpha test)

git repositories

  • Alas, redmine does not allow mixed case names or underscores in repository names
  • Repository names are prepended by the project name (e.g. larsoft-alpha-largeo)
  • In addition, ups does not support dashes in ups product names
  • Recommendation:
  • use lower case names: larreco, larcore, lardata, etc.
  • use sub projects for each repository so that the repository names match the product names
  • NOTE: The reopository name is NOT required to be the same as the product name, this is just to avoid confusion.

convert to git


mrb preview (obsolete)

SRT build

[[LArSoft-SVN:Lynn's work page]]

Alpha validation work page

Moving the legacy "LArSoft" project content to the "LArSoft cvs" project