LArSoft Release Management Tools

This package replaces laradmin, which will be retained for archival purposes.

All scripts needed to create a patch release will be in the path automatically.
LArSoft release managers will need a second step to access the expert scripts used when creating a normal larsoft release.

larreltools supplies the following scripts for use when building patch releases.
  • cp-patch-tag
    • make a cross package LARSOFT_SUITE tag
  • dogit
    • use to issue the same git command to all packages in $MRB_SOURCE
    • useful for checking status
  • makePatchRelNotes
    • generate a text file to be used when updating the release list
  • startPatchRel
    • makes a working directory with all larsoft and experiment packages
  • tagPatchRel
    • Use after the versions have been updated to tag a release. Will push the changes and tag to the remote repository.
  • updatePatchVersion
    • increment patch release version by one
  • see the patch release instructions for details

patch release instructions