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Michael Kordosky, 08/13/2014 10:54 PM

Click here for complete Shifter Instructions

MCenter Control Room (MC-CR) x3726 or x8871
  • Call the Main Control Room at the start and at the end of shift. This is required, and pleasant.
  • If the beam goes away for more than a few spills, look for Accelerator Alarms in ACNET (a default window). If the problem persists a few minutes, and you see nothing about it in the MCR elog, (or you just really want to find out more), call the MCR. They're friendly, though they may be super-busy.

Shifter, use these

Shifter, look at these

Hardware Connections and Configurations

Hardware Documentation

Diagnostic and Control Software

Test programs in the lariat-online/daq/src directory