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MCenter Control Room (MC-CR) x3726 or x8871

h1. LArIAT Online Wiki

* Link to LArIAT eLog
* [[LariatOnlineGit]] Accessing the LArIAT Online GIT repository

* [[LArIAT TPC Readout Parameters]]
* [[LArIAT DAQ Commercial Products]] Technical Documentation and Firmware Files
* Test Beam Wire Chamber Sten Hensen's [[TDC Readout Documentation]]
* [[Jinyuan's TDC Documentation]]
* [[v1495 notes]] Notes and working area for the V1495 and V2718

* [[DAQ Configuration]] settings, parameters, starting a run
* [[Raw Data Format and Readout Source code]]
* [[All things lariat-artdaq]] (UPDATED 7/19/14)

* [[LArIAT Test Stand]] Photographs

* [[Connecting to LArIAT ReadyTalk]]

* [[Logical inputs to the CAEN V1740 ]]

* [[Trigger inputs]]
* [[Non-TPC Detectors]] Naming and numbering in MC7

* [[MC7 in ACNET]]

* "How to control and monitor PMT HV":