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William Badgett, 04/04/2015 03:36 PM


To launch WaveDump utility, log into lariat-daq02 as the lariat group account
and first type the following:

ssh lariat@lariat-daq02
cd wavedump-3.5.3/src
emacs WaveDumpConfig.txt &

Edit the WaveDumpConfig.txt to select which board you wish to view. The board
selection line will look like this:

OPEN PCI 1 5 0

The "1" is for which PCI optical link chain, where "1" is the V1740s and "3" is the V1751s.
The "5" here selects board number five (starting from zero) on the link chain,
from 0 to 7 for V1740s and 0 or 1 for V1751s.

To start the WaveDump from the same directory, type:

./wavedump WaveDumpConfig.txt

At this point you can type the space bar to get help. Useful commands are:

s Start or stop data acquistion
P Start or stop the continuous plotting of the data
p Plot one trigger
f Toggle between Waveform display or FFT
<space bar> Print help
g Increment the channel numbers displayed in groups of 8 (V1740 only)

Don't forget to specify the argument WaveDumpConfig.txt file, otherwise
the program defaults to the /etc/wavedump/WaveDumpConfig.txt file, only
editable with the root account.