Teensy Channel Scan

A Teensy Channel Scan run tests the function and mapping of each of the TPC channels by
pulsing one channel at a time and reading out the results. The results should then be
compared to the expected response and channel mapping. This run should always be
done when ever any of the TPC electronics has been changed, touched or moved.

The steps are outlined below
  1. Ensure that the TPC electronics are powered up, including cold mother boards (CMB), warm
    receiver drivers (WRD), differential to single ended converters (D2S) and the CAEN digitizers (V1740s)
  2. Make sure <nAsics> matches the number of LArASICS in the current system, 24 or 30
  3. If <nAsics> has changed, either install or remove the used or unused WRD card from the serial data chain
  4. Edit the /opt/lariat-online/config/LARASIC.config file and set <channelScan> to 1 and <pulserOn> to 1
  5. Launch the readout by typing LariatRun 3 999
  6. Run should take 15 or 20 minutes or so, watch the channel number increment
  7. When run completes, ask Johnny Ho to analyze the run's data
  8. Look at the two dimensional histograms Johnny provides to make sure all channels are working and
    are firing at the expected places in the readout
  9. Reëdit the LARASIC.confg file to undo the above changes, set <channelScan> to 0 and <pulserOn> to 0
  10. Enjoy a stiff martini