from lariat-online/daq

bin/ScalarReadout [n]

Run this if you are wondering if the V1495 is working
Run this if you'd like to know readout rates on the V1495 inputs
Run this if you want to reconfigure the V1495 (see also Reset1495)

  • Reconfigures and reads out the V1495 as if it was a dumb scalar (which it kind of is). You can see the number of counts (since the last reset) on each of the input channels, as well as the number of good trigger patterns and veto patterns.
  • The readout will occur when the END OF READOUT (see The LArIAT supercycle) signal is sent to the V1495.
  • An optional parameter [n] forces the readout to occur every n seconds.

An enterprising soul might write a new version of ScalarReadout which would use ncurses to mockup an acnet like fixed screen in which sections update on each readout, rather than scrolling