Reset the HV LAr level interlock in IFIX

The following people have accounts on the IFIX machine, and should therefore be able to reset the interlock by logging in:
Jen Raaf
Brian Rebel
Jason St. John
Roberto Acciarri
Flavio Cavanna

Cryo controls experts, if the above people cannot do it for some reason:
Mike Sarychev
Dan Markley
Shreya Ponkia (currently on leave)

Instructions for logging in (assuming you are one of the people listed above)

  1. Install a remote desktop program (Linux: install rdesktop; Mac: install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store)
  2. Connect to
    • User name will be "fermi\jlraaf" (replace "jlraaf" with your username)
    • Password is your Fermi domain password (not Services or Kerberos)
    • After connecting, Proficy iFIX Workspace will start up automatically.
    • By default, you are logged in to iFIX as user "Public". You need to log in as yourself instead, by clicking the pink "Login" button in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen (which has an alarming eagle + flag logo). User name does not need "fermi\" at the beginning. Password is the same as your Fermi domain password
    • Click on the LArIAT button in the left side of the main menu screen, and then click on the Cryostat button in the LArIAT main window that pops up. In the cryostat window, you will see an error and the words "TPC HV Interlock" at the right. Click reset to remove the interlock.
    • Log out of your personal iFIX account by clicking the pink "Logout" button in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen.
    • Then log out of the machine by choosing "Log off" from the Windows start menu at the bottom of the desktop.
  3. Go to MCenter and press the button on the Glassman power supply to re-enable it. If you do not do this, the synoptic HV interlock warning will not go away and you will not be able to ramp up the cathode.