Reload CAEN Board's Firmware

In the case that a CAEN digitizer keeps giving errors after multiple lariatReset commands and
an attempt to power cycle the VME crate, you may need to reload the board's firmware. Note
that this is normally done by experts, as a mistake could potentially render the board unusable
and require us to ship it to CAEN in Italy for repairs.

The firmware files were downloaded from or sent directly to us from CAEN
with special bug fixes just for us. The can be found at:

    /home/nfs/lariat/caen/a3818  v1495  v1740  v1751  v2718

There is one directly per board flavor, each with a single file containing the latest firmware.
To launch the reload process, type:

cd ~lariat/caen/v1740

Choose "Upgrade Firmware" from the options and fill in the blanks as shown in the image below

Carefully select the connection type: should always be "OPTLINK" but the link number and
board number vary depending on which board you are addressing. Do NOT change
the "Standard Page" option on the right under any circumstances. The firmware file must
be selected using the "Browse" button.

When all options are selected, click on "Upgrade". The process may take up to a minute.
After complete, the VME crate must be power cycled in order to pick up the change. Seems that you can restart the DAQ after the firmware is loaded...however the next time it dies it may require you to do this all over again...better would be to have the instructions stay permanently, which requires an access and power cycle of the VME crate....but for now, this works to just issue the commands above and then resume running For
the V1740s, this requires an access to power cycle the Wiener VME crate. For the V1751,
V1745, V2718 the web site may be used. For the A3818,
you must power cycle the lariat-daq00 computer in MC7.