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h1. Quick start

This is intended to give a sketch of how to get the essentials for a shift up and running quickly.

After logging in, open a terminal and give the following commands:
* setup ftbf
* cd /home/nfs/ftbf_user/acnet
* ./launch_acnet_console

Multiple windows should appear. Open the following:

* Synoptic Viewer (D99) - gives overview of beam line info.
* PPD Params (S60) - provides beamline parameters.
* Swics (S39) - wire position setting/profile plotting.
*(Click between the 1 and the <I> on 9 and 10, then start plot.)

To start a run, open another terminal and type:

* ssh lariat-daq02 -l lariat

Then, just type
* go [# OF SPILLS]

to start the run. Make a record of every new run in the logbook.

Event Viewer:
Open another terminal and type

* ssh -Y
* source ~johnnyho/setup_dqm
* cd ~lariat/dqm
* python /lariat/data/users/lariatdqm/dqm/dqm_run_[RUN]_spill_[SPILL].root

to view events. (include leading zeroes; [RUN] should be 6 digits, and [SPILL] should be 4.)