Launching ACNET, in a terminal window do the following commands:
setup ftbf
cd /home/nfs/ftbf_user/acnet

The page is S60, sub-page 1. Note that the MCNTR tab is selected in the 5th line (indicated by yellow). Displayed are various counters along the MCenter beam line.

More Details

The information above is enough to get you started, but if you are interested to know more details, read on.

Sub-page 20

This page contains the TCLK beam event decoder controller. You can get there by clicking once on the "-" at the beginning of the 4th line of text, which looks like this: -< 1>+.
Note that the "D/A" Display Type pop-up menu is set to "Timer Reference". The numbers $00, $21, $26, $36 are ACnet timing events used to synchronize our DAQ to the beam spill. The numbers in yellow next to the channel number are the programmable delay times in milliseconds after the event when the output pulse will be generated. The least possible
delay count is one microsecond.

Sub-page 18

Shows the temperature and humidity sensors in MC7.
MC7 is where it's at.
U/D: Up/Downstream
E/W: East/West (where the beam is imagined to go north)
H/T: Humidity/Temperature

List of ACNET devices, what and where they are:

F:MC6A MC6 magnet current (changed?)
F:MC6D MC6 magnet current -- need to add to bundle
F:MCENRG MC6 computed conversion from current to GeV

MC7 magnet:
F:MC7AN MC7 magnets' current, amps, -200 ... +200
F:MC7AT1 MC7 magnet 1 coil temperature, degF
F:MC7AT2 MC7 magnet 1 yoke temperature, degF
F:MC7AT3 MC7 magnet 2 coil temperature, degF
F:MC7AT4 MC7 magnet 2 yoke temperature, degF

Trigger and DAQ:
F:TMC7D0 ACnet event delay, channel 0, NIM level, millisec
F:TMC7D1 ACnet event delay, channel 1, NIM level
F:TMC7D2 ACnet event delay, channel 2, NIM level
F:TMC7D3 ACnet event delay, channel 3, NIM level
F:TMC7D4 ACnet event delay, channel 4, NIM level
F:TMC7D5 ACnet event delay, channel 5, NIM level
F:TMC7D6 ACnet event delay, channel 6, NIM level
F:TMC7D7 ACnet event delay, channel 7, NIM level
F:TTC7D0 ACnet event delay, channel 0, TTL level, millisec
F:TTC7D1 ACnet event delay, channel 1, TTL level, millisec
F:TTC7D2 ACnet event delay, channel 2, TTL level, millisec
F:TTC7D3 ACnet event delay, channel 3, TTL level, millisec
F:TTC7D4 ACnet event delay, channel 4, TTL level, millisec
F:TTC7D5 ACnet event delay, channel 5, TTL level, millisec
F:TTC7D6 ACnet event delay, channel 6, TTL level, millisec
F:TTC7D7 ACnet event delay, channel 7, TTL level, millisec

Voltages and currents:

E:LHV5A Halo counter 1 right, voltage
E:LHV5B Halo counter 2 left, voltage
E:LHVI5A Halo counter 1 right, current
E:LHVI5B Halo counter 2 left, current

Voltages only:
E:COW001 Upstream Time-of-Flight 1 A
E:COW002 Upstream Time-of-Flight 2 B
E:COW003 Upstream Time-of-Flight 3 C
E:COW004 Upstream Time-of-Flight 4 D
E:COW008 Downstream Time-of-Flight 1 right
E:COW009 Downstream Time-of-Flight 2 left
E:COW010 Punch-through 1 upper left
E:COW011 Punch-through 2 upper right
E:COW012 Punch-through 3 lower left
E:COW013 Punch-through 4 lower right

Temperatures (T) and humidities (H) in the enclosure:
U=upstream, D=downstream, E=east, C=ceiling, W=west
Upstream are close to Lariat; downstream are beyond
the secondary enclosure near the jolly green giant magnet.
The west sensor is located below the DAQ rack
air input.

Time markers:
G:E00SNC Time of ACnet $00 event, start of supercycle
G:E21SNC Time of ACnet $21 event, begin spill


F:MC1LBP MC1 loss monitor
F:MC1LM MC1 loss monitor
F:MC1SEM MC1 proton counter
F:MC6IC MC6 intensity
F:MC6SC MC6 target counter
F:MC7SC1 MC7 "facilities" scalers, currently SC1
F:MC7SC4 not defined
F:MC7SC6 Lariat fast trigger
F:MC7SC7 ?
F:MC7SC8 not defined
F:MC7U01 MC7 "user" scalers, not yet defined
F:MT4SEM MT4 proton counter
F:MT6600 ??
S:F1SEM F1 ion chamber, switchyard protons

Cryo System Devices

E:LT686 Dewar level, "Ar
E:PT687 Dewar pressure, psig
E:TE214A Cryostat temperature, degK, top
E:TE212A Cryostat temperature, degK, middle
E:TE213A Cryostat temperature, degK, bottom
E:PT219A Cryostat pressure, psia
E:PT263 Cryostat vacuum pressure, Torr
E:PT264 Cryostat pressure BHF bottom (Torr)
E:PT265 Cryostat pressure BHF middle (Torr)
E:PT266 Cryostat pressure BHF top (Torr)
E:PT195V Filter pressure
E:AT606A Gas analyzer dew point, degC
E:AT607A Gas analyzer Oxygen, ppm
E:AT611A Gas analyzer Oxygen, ppm
E:AT608A Gas analyzer H2O, ppm
E:AT610A Gas analyzer Nitrogen, ppm