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*_Remember to call MCR (x3721) at the beginning and ending of each shift!!!_*
Main Control Room (internationally) +1.630.840.3721

*Please don't hesitate to contact the experts when something doesn't look right!!!*
%{color:red}"Troubleshooting Problems": for help


[[Before your first shift at LArIAT]] Check here so you're ready.

h1. %{color:green}At the start of the shift%

Before anything else: [[How to set up your shift station]]

# In the LArIAT "e-log":, fill out the *Start of Shift Checklist*
## Instructions to check how much remaining "Wire Chamber Gas":
# Find out from the shifter before you if there are any issues.
# Refresh and read the "Run Plan":
## what beam request LArIAT wants
## any interruptions to expect
## special conditions or known problems

h1. %{color:green}During the shift%

The shifter is responsible for the *beam and the detector heath*, *data taking*, logging what happens in the *e-log*,and maintaining *data quality*.

* If you have questions, use Google Hangouts: send an email to to get invitation.
* If that doesn't work please call an expert! "LArIAT Call List":

h2. Starting a new run

* In the DAQ terminal window, type <pre>go 500</pre> "Detailed DAQ instructions":
* The DAQ should make an e-log entry for you automatically.

h2. During an ongoing run

h3. Beam and detector health

* "ACNET": to monitor the beam intensity and quality, especially:
** the *S60* page of ACNET (intensity constant and not too high)
** the profile plots for *MC7WC1* and *MC7WC2*. (beam is focused on target in MC7)
* Synoptic (detector conditions alarms: everything on, not too much current, no temperatures too high, TPC safely submerged in LAr, etc..)

h3. Data taking

* "Run Status Webpage": to monitor the run status (run number, number of spills, numbers of triggers, etc)
** Note that, on the Run Status Webpage, %{color:red}if the run time appears red%, and the spills stop increasing, %{color:red}the run has come to a stop.% It will also speak an audible alert, once. *Start a new run immediately.*
** Sometimes the Run Status page freezes. Refresh it to check.
* Useful: "Recent run history":

h3. E-log

* "E-log": site for recording anything of significance which is relevant to the experiment.

h3. Data quality

* "Online DQM": to check basic data integrity.
** "Data Stream metrics": shows that all front-end electronics are delivering data.
** "Data stream page": shows if pedestal events, beam events, and cosmic events are all good.
* "Event Viewer": to see TPC events.
** If every beam event is too crowded and there are no simple events:
*** Check
consult the "Beams Division e-log": to see if MTest is being tuned, which affects LArIAT's MCenter beam. Tuning often takes 10-25 minutes.
*** Consult the
experts on Google Hangouts. They may ask you to call the MCR to request lower beam intensity.
** If you decide +decide to post some interesting event event+ in the e-log e-log, +please write the number of the spill/event in the title or content of the entry+. It's much easier to search for them later!

h1. Troubleshooting Problems

* Most problems solved: "Troubleshooting Page":
** Keywords: DAQ, kerberos, start run, crash, wire chambers, TDC, wire chamber controller, telnet, MWPC, reset, trigger, configuration, ASIC, interlock,
* Still need help? "Call an expert":

* If a VME Power Supply has to be turned off in an emergency situation (e.g. problem with TPC PMTs) - turn off the regulate function first, then put the decreasing voltage values in the quick ramp window, go to 0 and then turn off!

h1. %{color:green}At the end of the shift%

* Make an entry in the e-Log using the form "Shift Summary" summing up the relevant information from the shift. For any other information to be posted in the e-Log during the shift use the "default" form.

*_Remember to call MCR at the beginning and ending of each shift!!!_*

h1. *_Remember to call MCR at the beginning and ending of each shift!!!_*