LArIAT Run 1 DAQ Instructions

From an MCenter machine such as ftbflx10 or ftbflx11:
  • Log in to ftbflx10 with user name = ftbf_user. Password is YOUR kerberos password, then it will ask for YOUR kerberos principal.
  • Open a terminal window. If "klist" doesn't show that you have a valid kerberos ticket, get one (kinit <your_kerberos_principal>)
  • ssh lariat-daq02 -l lariat
  • When you log in, it will print the following message
    ** To run the LArIAT DAQ with the ArtDaq framework and root output files, 
    ** simply type:                                                                                              
    **     go 9999                                                              
    ** where "9999" here is the desired number of spills to record              
  • Start the DAQ with the desired number of spills, e.g., "go 9999"
  • Without an argument, the default is 9999 spills
  • If you want to quit, press "q" and wait ~15-30 seconds for the program to exit gracefully. DO NOT use Ctrl-C unless "q" doesn't work.