Basics (necessary accounts at Fermilab, and how to be sure they are set up)

Log onto the shift computer

For a shift at Fermilab:

  • From a ROC-West machine, such as lariat-cr-02:
    • Log in with username = lariat.
  • From an MCenter machine, such as ftbflx18 or ftbflx15:
    • Log in with username = ftbf_user.
  • Password is YOUR kerberos password, then it will ask for YOUR kerberos principal. (Reverse from usual order)

From a remote shift:


  • VPN
  • SSH Tunnel
    • Get a Fermilab kerberos ticket on your machine with kinit
      kinit myusername@FNAL.GOV
    • Open an ssh tunnel to the shift computer
      ssh -C -L 5900:localhost:5900 
      and leave it open
  • VNC shared desktop
    • Direct your VNC viewer to localhost:5900. Password is the same as the docdb password. We recommend TigerVNC's viewer, but others are worth trying in case they work better for you.
    • Please do not interfere with the shifter by VNC! Contact the shifter on Google Hangouts to confirm a convenient time before you test your VNC.
  • Google Hangouts from Chrome browser (phone function does not work in Firefox)
    • Direct your browser to Log in to the lariat.shift account (Please note the chat password has changed recently: visit doc-db 2187.).
    • Try to make a free phone call to a US number using the hangouts dialer (may require installing Google Talk plugin first time)
    • This is how the MCR will phone you (it will ring when they dial +1 929 3 LARIAT (+1 929 352 7428)) and how you should phone them

Shifter desktop layout

Windows needed on the shifter computer (or by VNC)

These things should only be run on the VNC shared desktop, which is hosted at


This is how it looks like for PixLAr on Remmina Remote Desktop Client:

  • ACNET: page S60, Beam intensity Fast Time Plot, and Beam Profiles

S60.png, , BeamOnTargetWCs.png




Windows needed on your local computer

If you are the ROC West station, open these on the left-hand computer, lariat-cr-01.
If you are taking a remote shift, these should be on your local computer, not in the VNC.
Make sure you can hear the alarm sounds they make, using the sound tests below.

Run Status page sound test: Checkbox in the top left corner
DQM pages sound test: Home page Click the Play button and the Stop button

Also need these open, but do not need to see them at all times:

  • MCR Operations Elog in a new tab This is the Main Control Room (MCR) Elog. Use it to check any possible problem affecting the MCenter beam.
  • LArIAT Elog Log the previous shifter out (if they are logged in), and log yourself in. Make a new entry with the "Start of Shift Checklist" form.

That's it!

Time to start your shift!