How to Run the Lariat Data Acquisition (OBSOLETE. THIS WAS FOR THE ENGINEERING RUN IN 2014)

The Lariat data acquisition runs on the server
located in the MC-7 enclosure. A backup is lariat-daq01, which also
has a CAEN A3818 optical interface card installed. To get to these
machines from off-site, first log into and
then the DAQ machine.

  • Check that test beam clock events are active: $00, $21, $26, $36
    otherwise data acquisition will not work
  • ssh lariat-daq02 -l lariat
    If you fail to log in, contact the Run Coordinator to be added to the list
  • LariatRun 1 1000
    Where 1 is the run type (1=physics, 2=pedestal) and 1000 is the desired number
    of spills to record
  • The SpillGate is 1 during (or near) spill, and 0 is out of spill
  • One SpillGate will be printed per V1740 trigger
  • Data files appear, one per spill in the /daqdata area
  • To exit the program early, type Q