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Johnny Ho, 05/02/2015 08:01 PM

Instructions on how to use the event and waveform viewers

Log into the machine with the lariat account.

ssh -Y

Set up the environment for the DQM:

source ~johnnyho/setup_dqm

We have a directory set up that the DQM files are being written into:


with the naming convention dqm_run_[RUN]_spill_[SPILL].root where [RUN] is the 6-digit run number with leading zeros and [SPILL] is the 4-digit spill number with leading zeros. For example, the file for run 666 and spill 3 is dqm_run_000666_spill_0003.root.

The event viewer scripts are located in the following directory:


These are the scripts for viewing the TPC readout and the waveforms from the V1751:

python /lariat/data/users/lariatdqm/dqm/dqm_run_[RUN]_spill_[SPILL].root           # for plotting the 2D TPC views of the collection and induction planes
python /lariat/data/users/lariatdqm/dqm/dqm_run_[RUN]_spill_[SPILL].root         # for plotting the waveforms of the TPC events
python /lariat/data/users/lariatdqm/dqm/dqm_run_[RUN]_spill_[SPILL].root  # for plotting waveforms from each channel of V1751 boards

Plots can be saved using the display interface (see attached file). Unfortunately, the save function can only save files to the lariat-daq01 machine (because you are running the plot maker on lariat-daq01), so you'll have to scp the plots from lariat-daq01 to the machine you are using. Taking a screenshot of the plot window will also work. Please resize or maximize the plot window for all the tick labels to be displayed correctly.