Data quality monitoring module (work in progress - this section will be updated and will soon contain more details)

A data quality monitoring module, based on Johns' viewer module, is being developed. Currently, it saves a following data to the root file:
  • for CAEN boards:
    *type of fragment (for CAEN it's 3)
    *ID of board
    *board data (channel and samples number etc.)
    *trigger time
  • Information for Wire Chamber TDCs, e.g:
    *Board data
    *Trigger time
  • Information for WUTs
  • Information for v1495
  • Preliminary hits reconstruction and profile results for Wire Chambers

The latter are saved as a histograms, the former are tree branches.

To run this module, one can either add it to the list in Aggregator1_for_Lariat_1x1x2.fcl file (added by default) and run artdaq according to instructions or (just for testing purposes)

cd /daq/lariat-artdaq/lariat-artdaq/tools/fcl

driver -c SpillFileReader.fcl

To do it, using data scored in /daqdata area, one has to specify file list in datalist_combo.txt file (no blank lines accepted) and the number of files (event number) n SpillFileReader.fcl