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Jason St. John, 08/06/2014 02:25 PM

Communicating with the wire chambers

Running the Wire Chamber Mini-DAQ

setup ftbf
cd ~ftbf_user/experiments/mc7

Look in instructions.txt

When you have a few seconds before a spill (in case you want to type a comment before you start the run)
Example comment: Good beam 32 GeV, 100 A. 2.5E+05 at MC7SC1

This daq fills one data file, appending each spill, until the user stops it.

Looking at the data, Beam Study

ssh ftbflx01
setup cern
cd ~ftbf_user/experiments/mv7/BmStud

How to do a hard reboot of the WC

If the wire chamber controller at ftbfwc02 starts refusing connections it may need a reboot:

  • click on "Outlet 6" and then choose "Immediate Reboot" from the menu at the top
  • The state will change to "Off" but will be pending. Wait a little while and refresh the screen or log back in. The WC should be back on.