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h1. Communicating with the wire chambers

h2. Running the Wire Chamber Mini-DAQ

setup ftbf
cd ~ftbf_user/experiments/mc7
Look in instructions.txt

When you have a few seconds before a spill (in case you want to type a comment before you start the run)


This daq fills one data file, appending each spill, until the user stops it.

h2. Looking at the data, Beam Study

ssh ftbflx01
setup cern
cd ~ftbf_user/experiments/mv7/BmStud

h2. How to do a hard reboot of the WC

If the wire chamber controller at ftbfwc02 starts refusing connections it may need a reboot:

* from a browser go to
* User: admin Password: <on the board in the CR>
* Navigate to this screen:


* click on "Outlet 6" and then choose "Immediate Reboot" from the menu at the top
* The state will change to "Off" but will be pending. Wait a little while and refresh the screen or log back in. The WC should be back on.