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Jason St. John, 03/30/2016 04:00 PM

Before your first shift at LArIAT


Gaining Access

  • First, set up your Fermilab computing account and Kerberos. This can be done by following instructions here.
  • Check that you can issue a Kerberos ticket with 'kinit <yourKerberosPrincipal>', and confirm that it is valid by typing 'klist'.
  • Now you should be able to SSH into a LArIAT computer, i.e. lariatgpvm01. The command for this is: 'ssh -l <yourKerberosPrinciple>'.
  • Check that you are connected via ethernet, or to the Fermilab fgz Wi-Fi network and not the guest Wi-Fi network. This is required to access the lariat gateway and ftbf machines. The latter may lead to "Connection reset by peer" errors, refusing you access. Register your device to the fgz network here.
  • If you find you cannot SSH into a LArIAT computer, make sure your SSH config file allows X11 forwarding and all GSSAPI options. Further details can be found here.
  • SSH into a ftbf machine with your credentials (this is the one of the machines you will be using for shift work if at MCenter). Run the command: ssh ftbf_user@ftbflx18. If this fails to run, ask one of the following collaborators (, or ) to add you to the ~ftbf_user/.k5login list, which will grant you SSH access.
  • Next you need to be able to SSH into the lariat-daq computer via the lariat-gateway:
    ssh lariat-gateway -l lariat
    ssh lariat-daq00 
    and for remote shifts:
     ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 

    If these ssh commands above fail, you will need to be added to ~lariat/.k5login list. See the above case for SSHing into ftbf_user computers above for whom to contact for this.

Getting a Fermi ID badge

  • Make sure you have a Fermi ID badge. If not, you can sign up for one at the Users Office located at the Mezzanine at Wilson Hall. More info.


  • Get trained! You can find the status of your training at this link.
  • All new Fermilab users need to take the New Employee/User ESH&Q Orientation training course. The minimal training to work a shift for LArIAT is the 'FTBF Hazard Awareness Training'. All training courses can be found here.
  • If you plan on staying for a long period of time, it would be useful for you to train in 'Fermilab Controlled Access' and both the 'Radiological Worker' training courses.

Next steps

Signing up for shifts

  • When your account is approved, you can look at the shifting schedule and look for a filled space, to do a shadow shift.
  • When you've found a slot you're comfortable working in, email the Run Co-ordinator at: .
  • After completing a shadow shift, you'll be able to sign up for any available shift slot.

Getting there

  • LArIAT holds two control centers for shifting: ROC West (located on the right side of the Wilson Hall) and MCenter (at FTBF).
  • There are a few methods for how to get to each site, if you don't have a car.
  • Fermilab runs a shuttle (taxi) service between 07:30-16:30, which can be called at any internal phone at: 4225 (HACK).
  • The Housing Office will rent you a bike, providing that the weather conditions allow for it.

That's it! You're ready to start shifting for LArIAT!