Beamline Detectors


Upstream Time of Flight (US TOF)

Four PMTs all watching the same block of scintillator. Immediately downstream of the target and collimator assembly.
<br>Several sets of names are in use. Looking downstream:

A - US TOF 1 - Upper Left
B - US TOF 2 - Lower Left
C - US TOF 3- Lower Right
D - US TOF 4 - Upper Left

Downstream Time of Flight (DS TOF)

Two PMTs watching the same thick, horizontal bar of scintillator.
Immediately upstream of the cryostat window.

DS TOF 1 - Right - East
DS TOF 2 - Left - West

Halo Veto

Two PMTs watching a TPC-sized sheet of scintillator, with a circular cutout matched to the MWPC size.

Veto 1 - Veto Right
Veto 1 - Veto Left

Wire Chambers