How To Change The V1495 Trigger Board and other DAQ Configuration

To directly edit the config file, from the DAQ00 machine, open the V1495 configuration file with your text editor of choice:

kinit ****@FNAL.GOV
ssh lariat-gateway -l lariat
emacs /opt/lariat-online/config/V1495.config

More config files:

emacs /opt/lariat-online/config/V1740.config # The TPC waveform digitizers
emacs /opt/lariat-online/config/LARASIC.config # The TPC ASICs
emacs /opt/lariat-online/config/V1751.config # The fast digitizers
emacs /opt/lariat-online/config/TDC.config # The Wire Chamber TDCs

Modify the <on> and <off> lines to make the desired trigger pattern. "trigpat0" is the first, "trigpat1" is the second, etc. Up to 16 trigger patterns can be defined. For example, the following code would signify BEAMON && Upstream TOF && Downstream TOF && a coincidence of 3 out of 4 MWPCs && NOT HALO:

             <!-- <on> PULSER </on> -->
             <on> BEAMON USTOF DSTOF WCCOINC3OF4 </on>
             <!-- <on> WC4 USTOF DSTOF SC1 </on> -->
             <!-- <on> AGCC </on> -->


After you make the changes, save the file and start your new run.

If the beam is down for some reason, the easiest way to change the configuration to data acquisition of only cosmics is, from the DAQ00 machine, stop the current run then:

cd /opt/lariat-online/config/
cp V1495.config.CosmicTime V1495.config
cd -

Then start a new run. When the beam is back, to turn the configuration back to beam and cosmics acquisition, stop the run and:

cd /opt/lariat-online/config/
cp V1495.config.BeamAndCosmics V1495.config
cd -

Then start a new run.