Using the Repository

The repository is an svn repository, and there is good online documentation available for using svn.

To check out the repository with write access do

svn checkout svn+ssh:// <directory name>

where <directory name> should be replaced with what you want to call the directory.

If you do not need write access to the repository you can check it out with

svn checkout <directory name>

Documents in the repository

The repository should be used to keep documents such as any proposals or MoU's written between the LArDBT group and Fermilab. These documents live in the "documents" directory of the repository. If you check out the entire trunk of the repository, you will have this directory. If you want to only check out the documents directory do

svn checkout svn+ssh:// <directory name>

for write access or

svn checkout <directory name>

for read-only access.