The Git Repository

The git repository is hosted at Fermilab and can be browsed through

Access to the repository is granted to all "developers" of the LArIAT project.

The anonymous access repository url is


And the url for write access is


Using git and mrb

This reference provides a useful quick start guide to git and its commands.

We will be following the LArSoft workflow for developing software.

We will be using feature branches for software development that should be based off of the develop branch of the repository. Follow the instructions on the Setting up the Offline Software page to setup your development area. Doing so will check out the develop branch into your working area. Then follow these instructions for creating a feature branch with git flow to setup a new feature branch for your development work. Every time you start work on a new project, it is a good idea to start a feature branch based on the current state of the develop branch.

Example Workflow