This page is outdated. If someone finds time to update this page, it would be very helpful.

Running the Offline Software

Setup your LArIAT environment:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft/setup
export PRODUCTS=/grid/fermiapp/products/lariat:${PRODUCTS}
setup git
setup gitflow
setup mrb
export MRB_PROJECT=lariatsoft
setup ninja v1_6_0

See the wiki page on setting up the offline software for more info.

If you haven't already set up a LArIATSoft area within a LArSoft development area, do (illustrative purposes only):

cd /lariat/app/users/$USER
mkdir lariatOffline
cd lariatOffline
mrb newDev -v develop -q e7:prof
source localProducts_lariatsoft_develop_e7_prof/setup
cd srcs/
mrb g lariatsoft
mrb i --generator ninja

If you have already set up your area, then after the first block of commands, do (illustrative purposes only):

source *YOURAREA*/localProducts_larsoft_v04_09_00_e7_prof/setup
cd *YOURAREA*/build_slf6.x86_64/
mrb z
mrb i --generator ninja

To run the current offline modules on ArtDAQ file, do:

cd ../srcs/lariatsoft/RawDataUtilities/
art -c standard_fragmenttodigit.fcl -s /lariat/data/users/willhf/140925/2981/lariat_r2981_sr2.root
art -c standard_fragmenttodigit.fcl -s /pnfs/lariat/raw/000/138/lariat_r005310_sr*.root

One is an example of data from last fall while the later is from data collected quite recently.

If you want to view the collections produced by FragmentToDigit, do:

art -c eventdump.fcl -n 1 standard_reco.root

An example of unpacking these collections and filling a tree can be done with DigitReader:

art -c standard_digitreader.fcl -s standard_reco.root
lar -c srcs/lariatsoft/LArIATRecoModule/beamline_fullreco_lariat.fcl -s SlicedEvents.root