Running Jobs

LArIAT is a special and delicate flower that requires two additional steps be taken by each user in order to get the full functionality of jobsub_tools. (Note that there is the old jobsub_tools architecture that uses gpsn01 as the sbumit node, and the newer jobsub_client that uses to submit jobs.) These special steps only apply to using jobsub_tools.

Copy over new jobsub configuration file

When you start using jobsub_tools, you need to issue the following command on lariatgpvm01. (This only needs to be done once as long as you don't delete jobsub.ini).

cp ~kirby/jobsub.ini ~/

This copies over the configuration file and sets environment variables so that log files end up going to /lariat/data/users/condor-tmp/<your_uid>/. This confirmation file also sets the location from where the executable script will be copied when it is moved to the worker node (/lariat/app/users/condor-exe/<your_uid>/).

Set the GROUP environment variable

If you use bash for your shell

export GROUP=lariat

If you use tcsh for your shell

set GROUP=lariat

Now you can start following the directions for jobsub_tools at the link below.

Jobsub Instructions