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To get the entire proposal you'll have to use svn. Instructions may be found here.

Aug 22: NOTE: The proposal is not yet in a good enough shape to be widely read.

Note, the proposal is split up into multiple files and organized as:

  • Introduction and Motivation (Kordosky)
  • Project Objectives
    • Physics Goals and Requirements (Kordosky)
    • Detector Composition
      • Cryogenic Systems (Rebel)
      • Time Projection Chamber (Lang)
      • Front-end Electronics (??)
      • Readout Electronics (??)
      • Light Detection (??)
      • Data Acquisition (Kordosky/??)
      • External Devices and Triggering (Kordosky)
      • Slow Controls (??)
    • Detector Operations (??)
    • Data Analysis (??)
  • Project Timetable (??)
  • Budget Justification (Kordosky/Lang)

There are subdirectories for figures in the main text fig/ and in the facilities section facfigs/.

I (Mike Kordosky) have associated names with each logical section. In the detector composition portion we need to say what it is that we want to buy/build, why it's the right thing, and what specific actions will be taken to build or commission the item. I need people who want a piece of the action to contribute to the sections labeled (??).

Helpful documents

A partial description of what we want to buy is in the cost worksheet: export:trunk/documents/LArIAT_Phase2/testbeamcostworksheet.pdf

The costs in there came primarily from MicroBooNE's costing table: export:trunk/documents/LArIAT_Phase2/12-08-07-UB-Excel-1700.xls

The MicroBooNE TDR is extremely useful: export:trunk/documents/LArIAT_Phase2/uBooNE_TDRCD3.pdf

The LBNE CDR is quite useful: export:trunk/documents/LArIAT_Phase2/volume-4-LAr-rev1.pdf

The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) and proposal rules are here: export:trunk/documents/LArIAT_Phase2/SC_FOA_0000733.pdf

Mandatory Contributions

We need the following from all senior researchers(=tenured or tenure track):

We need the following from each institution: