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This is the wiki for the Liquid Argon In A Test Beam program.

If you are a member of the collaboration and wish to join the LArIAT mailing list, please follow these "instructions": using the list name LARDBT. If you are not yet a member but wish to join the LArIAT guest mailing list, please follow these "instructions": using the list name LARDBT-GUEST.

h2. [[Fermilab Computing Access]]

h2. Liquid Argon Properties

This "PDG table on LAr properties": contains a lot of information about liquid argon as it relates to HEP.

h2. LArIAT Data Taking ("Online")

* Everything about taking data: "LArIAT Online Wiki":
* Current data taking: "LArIAT Online Web Based Monitoring":
* "LArIAT eLog":

h2. LArIAT Data

* Raw [[LArIAT Data Handling]] - including finding and getting raw data using SAM.
* "Finding and Getting data files and datasets":
* [[Pushing pedestals to the database]]
* [[Pushing
electron lifetimes to the database]]

h3. Data Quality

How do we know the data are any good? [[Offline Data Quality]]

h3. [[Data and MC Production]] - Data processing details for experts

h2. Monte Carlo and Beam Files

Until SAM directions can be included here, we can use personal accounts to generate and store these files.

* [[Beam Sim Files]] including directions to generate more
* [[MC Files]]

h2. Offline Software: Analysis

The LArIAT offline software uses LArSoft as its framework and git as its code versioning tool. The build system is based on CMake and uses the mrb tool developed by the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab.

h3. Getting & developing code

* [[The Git Repository]]
* [[Setting up the Offline Software]]
* [[Running the Offline Software]]
* [[Art Framework Cliff's Notes]]
* "ART Documentation":
* "ART Workbook":
* "LArSoft Reference":
* [[LArSoft Related Packages]]
* [[LArIAT Packages]] (including information on how to add a package)
* "LArIAT Doxygen":
* "Coding Guidelines":
* [[List of current lariatsoft releases]]
* [[Debugging Code]]

h3. Using the code

* [[Running Grid Jobs using]]
* [[Trouble Shooting]]
* "How to use the event viewers":
* [[LArIAT Database Utility]]
* [[Trigger Filter Instructions]]
* [[Accessing Photodetector Data in LArIATSoft]]

[[Tag a new release]]