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Greg Pulliam, 09/10/2016 01:55 PM

This is the wiki for the Liquid Argon In A Test Beam program.

If you are a member of the collaboration and wish to join the LArIAT mailing list, please follow these instructions using the list name LARDBT. If you are not yet a member but wish to join the LArIAT guest mailing list, please follow these instructions using the list name LARDBT-GUEST.

Fermilab Computing Access

Liquid Argon Properties

This PDG table on LAr properties contains a lot of information about liquid argon as it relates to HEP.

LArIAT Data Taking ("Online")


Data Quality

How do we know the data are any good? Offline Data Quality

Data and MC Production - Data processing details for experts

Monte Carlo and Beam Files

Until SAM directions can be included here, we can use personal accounts to generate and store these files.

Offline Software: Analysis

The LArIAT offline software uses LArSoft as its framework and git as its code versioning tool. The build system is based on CMake and uses the mrb tool developed by the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab.

Getting & developing code

Using the code

Tag a new release

Studies Awaiting an Author

Studies needing to be done and needing someone to take charge goes here:

Edit this section to his liking: Jason St. John
Comparing Beamline simulation reconstruction to data reconstruction: Probably some combination of Jason St. John, Greg Pulliam, Brandon Soubasis (Monte Carlons) along with Pion Analysis people (Pioneers)