LArSoft Related Packages


This package contains a module to deconvolute the response on the wires, analogous to CalData in LArSoft.


This package contains a module to simulate the signal observed on the wires using the number of ionization electrons drifted to each sim::SimChannel from LArSoft.


The Geo package contains the definition of the LArIATGeometryHelper service which is the connection to the overall LArSoft Geometry service. LArIAT makes use of the LArSoft defined ChannelMapStandardAlg and does not need to define its own.

The LArIAT geometry definition files are written in GDML and contained in the gdml subdirectory of the Geo package.


This package contains the LArIAT specific configuration of various LArSoft services and modules where LArIAT does not need to implement LArIAT specific versions of the code. It simply needs to change the configuration of that code.