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Flor de maria Blaszczyk, 11/21/2013 03:40 PM

How to use the online monitoring

The online-monitoring can be accessed both from off-site locations, though a web-browser, and on-site locations using either a web-browser or the Synoptic viewer (Java application).

Outside Fermilab

If you are off-site, you will only be able to look at the displays. No set-ups are possible from outside Fermilab.

1) Open a browser and go to the Synoptic website

2) Click on the LArIAT folder, this will expand the contents. Then click on the "Displays Main menu" link.

In Fermilab

There are 2 possibilities, depending on whether you wish to only look at the displays or do settings / interact with the displays (i.e. zoom in, zoom out etc.)

1) If you only wish to look at the displays, please follow the procedure described in the previous section.

2) Open a browser and launch the viewer.