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Flor de maria Blaszczyk, 07/20/2014 07:37 PM

How to use the online monitoring

The online-monitoring can be accessed from both off-site locations, though a web-browser, and on-site locations using either a web-browser or the Synoptic viewer (Java application).

1) Opening the web-viewer or the java viewer application

Outside Fermilab

If you are off-site, you will only be able to look at the displays. No settings are possible from outside Fermilab.

1) Open a browser and go to the Synoptic website

2) Click on the LArIAT folder, this will expand the contents. Then click on the "Displays Main menu" link.

In Fermilab

There are 2 possibilities, depending on whether you wish to only look at the displays or do settings / interact with the displays (i.e. zoom in, zoom out etc.)

1) If you only wish to look at the displays, please follow the procedure described in the previous section. Otherwise follow the next steps.

2) Get a Kerberos ticket, otherwise the viewer will shut down.

3) Open a browser and launch the viewer (Java required).

4) Click on the button shown by the arrow to get started.

Note: If this is not the first time you are opening a viewer, you will have a pop-up window showing the latest displays used. You can either choose the display you'd like to look at from there or you can just close that window and start from the beginning.

5) Expand the LArIAT folder by clicking (double-clicking) on it and open the displays main menu.

2) The displays main menu

This is the main menu. Click on the menu to open the display / control panel you would like to look at.

Note: All the displays have a button that allows you to go back to the main menu, generally at the bottom right corner of the display.

3) Summary plots

Unless you need to change some setting, these are probably the displays you will need to look at most of the time.

4) A control display example

Settings are disabled by default. This means you can zoom in / out on the plots but cannot change any setting.

1) To enable settings, click on the button on the bottom right hand corner and select for how long you wish to enable the settings.

2) To turn on / off an power supply, click on the on / off button. A window will pop-up for confirmation. When the supply is on, the light should be green.

3) Turn on the regulate function (the light will turn green). This is to have an output voltage that matches the set voltage, otherwise there is a small offset.

4) Click on the button in the green frame "Set voltage" (in volts) next to the power supply you would like to set a voltage to. A window will pop up, enter the value including the "-" sign and validate. If you enter a positive value, nothing will happen. You will have to re-enter a value.

5) The selected supply readout voltage should indicate the new output voltage. Please wait until the reading stabilizes before changing to another value. This might take a few seconds.

5) Closing / Restarting the displays (please read before closing any display!)


LArIAT contact: Flor de Maria Blaszczyk (Louisiana State University),
Need a new display? Don't understand something? Please let me know! All suggestions and comments are welcome.

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