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Brandon Soubasis, 08/20/2016 03:32 PM

Running the relevant Aerogel codes

Setup your LArIAT environment:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft/setup
export PRODUCTS=/grid/fermiapp/products/lariat:${PRODUCTS}
setup git
setup gitflow
setup mrb
export MRB_PROJECT=lariatsoft
setup ninja v1_6_0

See the wiki page on setting up the offline software for more info.

If you haven't already set up a LArIATSoft area within a LArSoft development area, do (illustrative purposes only):

mkdir /lariat/app/users/$USER/Aerogel$(date +"%y%m%d")
cd /lariat/app/users/$USER/Aerogel$(date +"%y%m%d")
mrb newDev -v develop -q e7:prof
source localProducts_lariatsoft_develop_e7_prof/setup
cd srcs/
mrb g lariatsoft
mrb i --generator ninja
setup lariatsoft v06_03_00 -q e10:prof

Getting samweb (command line tools) set up: and Using SAM datasets in batch jobs :
source /grid/fermiapp/lariat/
setup jobsub_client
setup sam_web_client
export SAM_EXPERIMENT=lariat
setup lariatutil v06_03_00 -q e10:prof

Elena's Grid Tutorial is an great example on how to prep your XML file :

It is only necessary to only run the Reco.fcl filter over the sliced data files, as this generates the anatree.root

Example on how to generate XML for the Aerogel can be found here: /lariat/app/users/soubasis/Aerogel160815/build_slf6.x86_64/reconstruction/xml/Aerogel.xml

Create your own samweb definition to be place into your XML file:

samweb create-definition Run164GeVNeg40A "defname: BothTOF_OnAndReadOutDigits and defname: AllMWPC_OnAndReadOutDigits and tertiary.magnet_polarity Negative and lariat_mid_f_mc7an < 42 and lariat_mid_f_mc7an > 38 and create_date < '2016-04-02T23:59:00-05:00'" 

You can do more studies by running the following lar commands interactively:

lar -c standard_eventbuilder.fcl -s /pnfs/lariat/raw/000/404/lariat_r006001_sr0008.root -o MySlicedFile.root
lar -c Reco.fcl -s RecoBeamline.root -o Reco2d.root

Check that the relevant data product exists, then open a TBrowser and take a look at the aerogel information in the analysis tree:

lar -c eventdump.fcl -n 1 Reco2d.root
root.exe anaTree.root

Alternate instructions using develop_lariat

Make sure to edit your LARIATDEVDIR line in develop_lariat().

setup lariatsoft (whatever is suggested by the print statement at the end of develop lariat)

...and then the lar commands as above...

1/25/16 The analysis tree is not filling the beamline branches (aerogel).