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Brandon Soubasis, 08/20/2016 03:27 PM

Running the relevant Aerogel codes

Setup your LArIAT environment:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft/setup
export PRODUCTS=/grid/fermiapp/products/lariat:${PRODUCTS}
setup git
setup gitflow
setup mrb
export MRB_PROJECT=lariatsoft
setup ninja v1_6_0

See the wiki page on setting up the offline software for more info.

If you haven't already set up a LArIATSoft area within a LArSoft development area, do (illustrative purposes only):

mkdir /lariat/app/users/$USER/Aerogel$(date +"%y%m%d")
cd /lariat/app/users/$USER/Aerogel$(date +"%y%m%d")
mrb newDev -v develop -q e7:prof
source localProducts_lariatsoft_develop_e7_prof/setup
cd srcs/
mrb g lariatsoft
mrb i --generator ninja
setup lariatsoft v06_03_00 -q e10:prof

Getting samweb (command line tools) set up: and Using SAM datasets in batch jobs :
source /grid/fermiapp/lariat/
setup jobsub_client
setup sam_web_client
export SAM_EXPERIMENT=lariat
setup lariatutil v06_03_00 -q e10:prof

Elena's Grid Tutorial is an great example on how to prep your XML file :

It is only necessary to only run the Reco.fcl filter over the sliced data files, as this generates the anatree.root

lar -c Reco.fcl -s RecoBeamline.root -o Reco2d.root

Check that the relevant data product exists, then open a TBrowser and take a look at the aerogel information in the analysis tree:

lar -c eventdump.fcl -n 1 Reco2d.root
root.exe anaTree.root

Alternate instructions using develop_lariat

Make sure to edit your LARIATDEVDIR line in develop_lariat().

setup lariatsoft (whatever is suggested by the print statement at the end of develop lariat)

...and then the lar commands as above...

1/25/16 The analysis tree is not filling the beamline branches (aerogel).