Getting Started

If you are a member of the collaboration and wish to join the LArIAT mailing list, please follow these instructions using the list name LARDBT. If you are not yet a member but wish to join the LArIAT guest mailing list, please follow these instructions using the list name LARDBT-GUEST.

Useful guide to Fermilab Computing Access

LArIAT Data Taking ("Online")

Data and MC - Storage and Processing

Data and MC - Retrieval - SAM and samweb

Offline Software: Analysis

The LArIAT offline software uses LArSoft as its framework and git as its code versioning tool. The build system is based on CMake and uses the mrb tool developed by the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab.

Look at Event display for a particular Run and Subrun

Log into the gpvm

ssh -XY

Setup any larsoft version

source /grid/fermiapp/lariat/
setup lariatsoft v06_34_01 -q e14:prof

Find the file where the event you want to look at is stored.
Say you want an event in run = 8481 and subrun = 71

samweb list-files "run_number = 8481.71 and data_tier digits"

Samweb will return you then file name. In this example: lariat_digit_r008481_sr0071_20160604T191225.root
The next step is to find it's location in the file system

samweb locate-file <filename>

Samweb will return the file location in a funny format. In this example: enstore:/pnfs/lariat/data/digit/002/940(928@vpw022)
You're not ready to display your event

lar -c evd_lariat.fcl /pnfs/lariat/data/digit/002/940/lariat_digit_r008481_sr0071_20160604T191225.root

Using LArSoft (lariatsoft)

Getting & developing code

Using the code

Tag a new release

Miscellaneous Useful