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Herbert Greenlee, 01/06/2015 03:57 PM

The experiment environment setup script

Every experiment has a script for initializing its standard software environment, which users source from a standard place. This script may do any or all of the following things.

  • Initialize ups products system and products areas.
  • Set up some basic ups products.
  • Set environment variables.

This section explains the recommended way of writing this script.

Initializing ups

After initializing ups, the following should be the case:

  • The executable ups should be on the execution path.
  • Command or alias setup should be defined.
  • The products path (environment variable PRODUCTS) should be defined as a colon-separated list of ups products areas.

With respect to the last point, the products path may include the following ups products areas (in order).

  • Experiment-specific products (e.g. /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone).
  • Larsoft products (for larsoft experiments, e.g. /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft).
  • Fermilab common products (e.g. /grid/fermiapp/products/common/db).

Generally, ups is initialized by sourcing a script called "setups" (or "" or "setups.csh", the name can vary) from some standard place. It is acceptable to source multiple "setups" scripts from multiple products areas, as well as extending the products path to include additional products areas manually.

For larsoft experiments on nodes where the /grid/fermiapp filesystem is mounted, the main setups file path is /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft/setups.

When initializing ups from the oasis cvmfs products area, the main larsoft setups file path is /cvmfs/

Ups products setup

The experiment setup script may set up some basic ups products. Any ups product that is setup in the experiment setup script should be setup as a "current" version. Any product that requires a numbered version or qualifier in the setup command should not be setup in the experiment setup script. Microboone's experiment script sets up the following products that are used by the build environment.

  • git
  • gitflow
  • mrb

Environment variables

Here are some environment variables that must or can be set.

  • MRB_PROJECT - should be set as "larsoft" for larsoft experiments that use mrb.
  • FW_SEARCH_PATH - Art framework file search path.

The standard experiment name may be defined in several different environment variables.

  • EXPERIMENT - Used by ifdh.
  • SAM_EXPERIMENT - Used by sam.
  • JOBSUB_GROUP - Used by jobsub_client.

Experiment-specific hooks in is an executable python script. Some functionality of is implemented in a python module called project_utilities, which module can be found in subdirectory python of ups product larbatch. Module project_utilities is on the python path when you setup larbatch. The last statement of is

from experiment_utilities import *

This statement allows experiment_utilities to override any object or function defined in project_utilities. The intention is that each experiment will have its own version of experiment_utilities available on the python path.

There are several functions defined in project_utilities that are candidates for being overridden by experiment_utilities. Some functions must be overridden for corresponding functionality to be available. Some functions have a default implementation that can be optionally overridden.

Here are some of the functions that can or must be overriden:

  • get_dropbox(filename)

Returns the full path of the File Transfer Service dropbox corresponding to a file in sam. The default implementation in project_utilities