How to trigger the CI Validation build

The CI Validation build has the purpose to build/test a specific version of the experiment code and make plots or extract information to help to monitor the status of the code.

Once the CI environment is setup (instructions are available here), you can trigger the CI Validation build using the trigger script with a proper set of options. One of the requisite is to have a valid proxy to be able to access dCache and submit jobs and a certificate to get authenticated with Jenkins.
A detailed description about how to use the trigger script is available here.

The CI Validation uses specific workflows that build the required version of the code, usually a new tag or the develop branch, and uses it to process an experiment workflow.
The usual trigger command for the CI Validation build is in the form:

trigger --cert ${CI_CERT} --build-delay 0 --version develop  --workflow CI_VALIDATION_DUNE --jobname dune_ci --gridwf-cfg cfg/grid_workflow_DUNE_traking_eff.cfg,cfg/grid_workflow_DUNE_shower_reco_eff.cfg --force-platform slf6
#For uBooNE
trigger --cert ${CI_CERT} --build-delay 0 --version develop --workflow CI_VALIDATION_UBOONE --jobname uboone_ci_validation --gridwf-cfg cfg/grid_workflow_uboone_datamc_cosmic.cfg,cfg/grid_workflow_uboone_mc_bnb.cfg --force-platform slf6

here the --workflow option is used to choose the experiment specific workflow,
then the --gridwf-cfg option is used to provide the CI validation workflow configuration.

N.B. for uBooNE to trigger the CI Validation for uboonecode version older than v06_82_01, it is needed to use the workflow CI_VALIDATION_UBOONE_old

In both cases the command triggers two CI Validation builds, one for each of the CI Validation workflows configuration provided through the --gridwf-cfg option.
The code will be built only on the SLF6 platform (--force-platform slf6).

As for the standard CI builds the user can test the desired code tag/branch/revision using the --revisions option.
For uBooNE tag it is possible to use the cross repository UBOONE_SUITE tag.

uBooNE specific feature.

The uBooNE CI Validation build compares results from tested code against two references that, by default, are results from previous code tag and from a production release.
In order to use as reference a different code tag, the CI Validation build can be triggered using the option:

-e prev_uboonecode_version=<tag>

where <tag> is the tag whose results are required to be used as reference. Of course results from the required <tag> need to be already available.