How to setup the CI environment

To properly work with the CI system you first need to checkout and/or setup the CI code from the CVMFS repository.

The setup procedure for the CI is:

source /cvmfs/
setup lar_ci

Standard CI builds to test LArSoft based experiment code do not require a proxy, so you can skip steps below.

However CI builds to update reference files and CI Validation builds require a proxy.
The proxy is needed by CI tests to access files from dCache and for the CI Validation workflow to submit jobs and access dCache storage area.
Please, follow instructions below to get a valid proxy.

kinit  #if you already have a valid kerberos ticket, this step can be skipped
setup cigetcert
cigetcert -s
voms-proxy-init -noregen -rfc -voms fermilab:/fermilab/<your_VO>/Role=Analysis

#where <your_VO> can be one of:
# argoneut
# icarus
# lariat
# sbnd
# uboone

# DUNE is a special case, for DUNE the former command will be
# voms-proxy-init -noregen -rfc -voms dune:/dune/Role=Analysis