Lar1ndcode organization

Lar1ndcode currently depends on lar1ndutil, larsoft, gcc, and cetbuildtools (for building). In all releases with number greater than 3.8.2, the lar1ncode number matches the underlying larsoft version. lar1ndutil versions are independent. Also, lar1ndutil is an "optional" dependency. So, on fermilab gpvms it will be set up but offsite it will not be set up since it will not be available.

See the (soon to be done) section on getting lar1ndcode offsite for more detailed information.

List of lar1ndcode releases

These are the lar1ndcode releases tagged until now:

Version Dependencies Notes
v00_01_00 LArSoft v02_03_02 first release, basic Geometry.
v00_02_00 LArSoft v02_05_02 Geometry in, Corey's reweighting code.
v00_03_00 LArSoft v03_02_00 Dirt added to Geometry. Release getting ready to created lar1ndcode ups product.
v00_05_00 LArSoft v03_04_06 Introduce lar1ndutil as a dependency of lar1ndcode
v00_05_01 LArSoft v03_04_06
v00_06_00 LArSoft v03_08_02
v00_07_00 LArSoft v03_08_02 Last release in this numbering scheme. lar1ndcode is a dependency of lar1ndutil in this release.
v03_08_02 LArSoft v03_08_02 New versioning system, lar1ndutil is an optional dependency of lar1ndcode, last release before larsoft v4.X
v04_00_00 LArSoft v04_00_00 Make the jump to larsoft v04_00_00, required change to cal wire ROI
v04_08_00 LArSoft v04_08_00
v04_16_00 LArSoft v04_16_00 Add Seed Services
v04_24_00 LArSoft v04_24_00

These are the upcoming lar1ndcode releases:

Version Dependencies Notes