How to run simple track reconstruction

First, setup your local directory, according to instructions found here:
How Setup You Directory and launch your first job

using larsoft version 4_24_00 -q e7:prof

I am assuming you have a file called single_gen.root that has been generated using the above procedure and has been run through
the generator, largeant and detsim phases.

You can check this by running:

lar -c evd_lar1nd.fcl single_gen.root 

if you do not see the track, try to change the TPC to 1 in the "Raw Drawing options" pull down menu.
In order for the choice to be accepted you must press enter after changing the parameter.
Once you have confirmed that you see a track, you can a reconstruction job.

An example file is found in:


if you have setup lar1ndcode, either as a product:

setup lar1ndcode v04_24_00 -q e7:prof

or after compiling it locally and setting up the local products:


you can run:

lar -c standard_reco_lar1nd_basic.fcl single_gen.root

you will get a file out with reconstructed hits, clusters and tracks.

You can now look at them with the event display, remember to turn on displaying tracks and specifying the label of the modules.
You can get a list of all the modules by running:

lar -c eventdump.fcl <your_reconstructed_file.root>