How to run Fast Optical Simulation Jobs

Here you will learn how to run a single particle generation with the fast simulation code.
First of all, setup you directory using larsoft v03_08_02, as described here:

How Setup You Directory and launch your first job

All the way until you get to the line:

mrb g lar1ndcode

at this point, we will diverge slightly, in that you need to pull down the feature branch holding the optical simulation:

cd lar1ndcode
git checkout feature/lar1nd_opticalDWA

Now continue to build the lar1ndcode as in the instructions above, repeated here for simplicity:

mrb i -j8

now change to your running directory and setup your local directory and setup your local version of lar1ndcode and the optical library:

setup Lar1ndOpticalLib v00_02 

Now you can run the fast sim single gen .fcl file:

lar -c srcs/lar1ndcode/lar1ndcode/JobConfigurations/prodsingle_fastoptical_refl_oplib.fcl -n 5

Proposed TTree structure for Single particle simulations.

We are proposing to fill the TTree per event and per pmt, per particle and per energy deposition.

Variable type Notes
PDG int from G4 step
Track ID int from G4 step
Energy Deposited double from G4 step
Deposition XYZ (double,double,double) from G4 step
PMT XYZ (double,double,double) from Photon detector
Arrival times (direct) vector< double > From Photon detector
Arrival times (reflected) vector< double > From Photon detector
NPhotons Direct int From Photon detector
Nphotons Reflected int From Photon detector