Test result display

The front page of the test result looks like this:

The colored boxes in the display represent one phase of the build process on a given platform,
and they are color coded: Green for success, Red for failure, Yellow for in progress, and white
for not yet started.

Details of a phase

If you click on the box for a given phase, you get a page showing the details of that phase. For example, the following diagram shows the checkouts stage, how long checkouts have been taking in a graph, and gives a link to the archived logfile.

Post-install test state

The next diagram shows the post-install test state, and how long they have been taking in a graph, and links to the logfile; but also links to more details on each test.

Link information

If you click on one of the links, for example lar_ci_prodsingle, you get a screen which shows you the history graph for this test (scaled cpu usage, memory usage, and wall clock time) as well as listing all of the other statistics pulled from that test, and links to historical information on each of those statistics.