User documentation

LArSoft CI System Requirements

08/27/2014 11:37 AM

Datbase Schema v1.0 diagram

03/11/2015 11:33 AM

Schema v1.0 diagram, prepared by Vladimir Podstavkov

Datbase Schema v1.1 diagram

03/11/2015 11:34 AM

Schema v1.1 diagram, prepared by Vladimir Podstavkov

LArSoft CI System v2 and v3 requirements

04/07/2015 12:05 AM

Architecture and Design for the LArSoft CI System

09/02/2014 06:58 PM

These documents are officially only draft versions.

Technical documentation

Requirements for CI display and reporting system

10/08/2014 11:26 AM

Datbase Schema

09/23/2014 04:55 PM

Draft of database schema for the database to track builds, done by Igor Mandrichenko