MT status of LArSoft modules

Module Type Repository Flavor Notes
ADCFilter filter larevt Legacy
APAHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
AggregateEvent producer larreco Legacy
AggregateVertex producer larreco Legacy
AggregateVertexAna analyzer larreco Legacy
AnalysisExample analyzer larexamples Legacy
AssnAnalyzer analyzer lardata Legacy
AssnProducer1 producer lardata Legacy
AssnProducer2 producer lardata Legacy
AssnsChainClusterMaker producer lardata Legacy
AssnsChainHitMaker producer lardata Legacy
AssnsChainPFParticleMaker producer lardata Legacy
AssnsChainShowerMaker producer lardata Legacy
AssnsChainTest analyzer lardata Legacy
AtomicNumberTest analyzer larexamples Legacy
BackTrackerLoader producer larsim Legacy
BeamFlashCompatibilityCheck producer larana Legacy
BeamFlashTrackMatchTagger producer larana Legacy
BezierCalorimetry producer larreco Legacy
BezierTrackerModule producer larreco Legacy
BlipMaker producer larwirecell Legacy
BlurredClustering producer larreco Legacy
BoDataFrameInput producer larana Legacy
CCTrackMaker producer larreco Legacy
CORSIKAGen producer larsim Legacy
CRHitRemoval producer larana Legacy
CRHitRemovalByPCA producer larana Legacy
CalWire producer larevt Legacy
CalWireAna analyzer larevt Legacy
CalWireT962 producer larevt Legacy
Calorimetry producer larreco Legacy
CellTree analyzer larreco Legacy
ChargedSpacePointProxyInputMaker producer lardata Legacy
ChargedSpacePointProxyTest analyzer lardata Legacy
CheckAuxDetHit analyzer larg4 Legacy
CheckBackTracking analyzer larsim Legacy
CheckDataProductSize analyzer larexamples Legacy
CheckMCParticle analyzer larg4 Legacy
CheckSimEnergyDeposit analyzer larg4 Legacy
Chi2ParticleID producer larana Legacy
Cluster3D producer larreco Legacy
ClusterAna analyzer larreco Legacy
ClusterCheater producer larreco Legacy
ClusterCrawler producer larreco Legacy
ClusterPCA analyzer larreco Legacy
ClusteringValidation analyzer larreco Legacy
CollectionMerging producer larpandora Legacy
CollectionSplitting producer larpandora Legacy
ComputePi analyzer lardata Legacy
ConsolidatedPFParticleAnalysisTemplate analyzer larpandora Legacy
CornerFinder producer larreco Legacy
CosmicClusterTagger producer larana Legacy
CosmicPCAxisTagger producer larana Legacy
CosmicPFParticleTagger producer larana Legacy
CosmicRemovalAna analyzer larana Legacy
CosmicTrackTagger producer larana Legacy
CosmicTracker producer larreco Legacy
CosmicsGen producer larsim Legacy
CreateHybridLibrary analyzer larsim Legacy
DBCluster3D producer larreco Legacy
DBcluster producer larreco Legacy
DBclusterAna analyzer larreco Legacy
DPRawHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
DisambigCheater producer larreco Legacy
Disturbance producer larexamples Legacy
DumpChannelMap analyzer larcore Legacy
DumpChargedSpacePoints analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpCheatTracks analyzer larexamples Legacy
DumpClusters analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpGTruth analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpGeometry analyzer larcore Legacy
DumpHits analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpMCParticles analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpMCShowers analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpMCTracks analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpMCTruth analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpOpDetBacktrackerRecords analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpOpDetWaveforms analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpPCAxes analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpPFParticles analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpRawDigits analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpSeeds analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpSimChannels analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpSimPhotons analyzer larsim Legacy
DumpSimPhotonsLite analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpSpacePoints analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpTracks analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpVertices analyzer lardata Legacy
DumpWires analyzer lardata Legacy
EMShower producer larreco Legacy
EMShower3D producer larreco Legacy
EVD analyzer lareventdisplay Legacy
EmTrackClusterId2out producer larreco Legacy
EmTrackClusterId3out producer larreco Legacy
EmTrackMichelId producer larreco Legacy
EmptyFilter filter larevt Legacy
EndPointModule producer larreco Legacy
EventButcher producer larwirecell Legacy
EventCheater producer larreco Legacy
EventFilter filter larevt Legacy
EventMaker producer larreco Legacy
EventTimeFilter filter larevt Legacy
EventWeight producer larsim Legacy
Exploder analyzer larexamples Legacy
FFTHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
FFTTest analyzer larevt Legacy
FIFOHistogramAna analyzer larana Legacy
FeatureTracker producer larreco Legacy
FeatureVertexFinder producer larreco Legacy
FeatureVertexFinderAna analyzer larreco Legacy
FileMuons producer larsim Legacy
FilterCryostatNus filter larsim Legacy
FilterGenInTime filter larsim Legacy
FilterNoDirtNeutrinos filter larsim Legacy
FilterNoMCParticles filter larsim Shared with async event-level calls
FilterPrimaryPDG filter larsim Legacy
FilterSimPhotonTime filter larsim Shared with serialized event-level calls if debug set; otherwise async event-level calls
FilterStoppingMuon filter larsim Shared with async event-level calls
FinalStateParticleFilter filter larevt Legacy
FinalStateSelectFilter filter larevt Legacy
FlashClusterMatch producer larana Legacy
FlashHypothesisAna analyzer larana Legacy
FlashPurityCheckAna analyzer larana Legacy
FuzzyClusterMerger producer larreco Legacy
GENIEGen producer larsim Legacy
GaisserParam producer larsim Legacy
GausHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
GausHitFinderAna analyzer larreco Legacy
GeneralCalorimetry producer larreco Legacy
GeometryIteratorLoopTest analyzer larcore Legacy
GeometryTest analyzer larcore Legacy
GraphCluster producer lareventdisplay Legacy
HarrisVertexFinder producer larreco Legacy
HitAnaModule analyzer larreco Legacy
HitCheater producer larreco Legacy
HitCollectionCreatorTest producer lardata Legacy
HitDataProductChecker analyzer lardata Legacy
HitFinder producer larreco Legacy
HitFinderAna analyzer larreco Legacy
HoughLineFinder producer larreco Legacy
HoughLineFinderAna analyzer larreco Legacy
ISCalculationAna analyzer larsim Legacy
IntVectorProducer producer lardata Legacy
KalmanFilterFinalTrackFitter producer larreco Legacy
KalmanFilterTrajectoryFitter producer larreco Legacy
LArG4 producer larsim Legacy
LArG4Ana analyzer larsim Legacy
LArG4ParticleFilter filter larevt Legacy
LArPandoraEventDump analyzer larpandora Legacy
LArPandoraExternalEventBuilding producer larpandora Legacy
LArPandoraShowerCreation producer larpandora Legacy
LArPandoraTrackCreation producer larpandora Legacy
LArPropTest analyzer lardata Legacy
LArSimChannelAna analyzer larsim Legacy
LEDCalibrationAna analyzer larana Legacy
Landed analyzer lareventdisplay Legacy
LightSource producer larsim Legacy
LineCluster producer larreco Legacy
LineMerger producer larreco Legacy
MARLEYGen producer larsim Legacy
MARLEYTimeGen producer larsim Legacy
MCBTDemo analyzer larreco Legacy
MCHitAnaExample analyzer larreco Legacy
MCHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
MCParticleHitMatching producer larana Legacy
MCParticleShowerMatching producer larana Legacy
MCParticleTrackMatching producer larana Legacy
MCReco producer larsim Legacy
MCSFitProducer producer larreco Legacy
MCTruthT0Matching producer larana Legacy
MUSUN producer larsim Legacy
MVAPID producer larana Legacy
MagDriftAna analyzer larreco Legacy
MergeEMShower3D producer larreco Legacy
MergeSimSources producer larsim Legacy
MergeWireCell producer larreco Legacy
MultiEMShowers analyzer larreco Legacy
MuonFilter filter larevt Legacy
MuonTrackingEff analyzer larreco Legacy
NDKGen producer larsim Legacy
NUANCEGen producer larsim Legacy
NeutrinoShowerEff analyzer larreco Legacy
NeutrinoTrackingEff analyzer larreco Legacy
NeutronOsc producer larsim Legacy
NuShowerEff analyzer larreco Legacy
NucleonDecay producer larsim Legacy
OpDigiAna analyzer larana Legacy
OpFlashAna analyzer larana Legacy
OpFlashFinder producer larana Legacy
OpFlashMCTruthAna analyzer larana Legacy
OpFlashSimpleAna analyzer larana Legacy
OpHitAna analyzer larana Legacy
OpHitFinder producer larana Legacy
OpMCDigi producer larana Legacy
OptDetDigitizer producer larana Legacy
OpticalRawDigitReformatter producer larana Legacy
OpticalRecoAna analyzer larana Legacy
PFPAna analyzer larreco Legacy
PFParticleAnalysis analyzer larpandora Legacy
PFParticleCosmicAna analyzer larpandora Legacy
PFParticleHitDumper analyzer larpandora Legacy
PFParticleMonitoring analyzer larpandora Legacy
PFParticleTrackAna analyzer larpandora Legacy
PFParticleValidation analyzer larpandora Legacy
PIDAAnalyzer analyzer larana Legacy
PMAlgTrackMaker producer larreco Legacy
PMAlgTrajFitter producer larreco Legacy
PMTAna analyzer larana Legacy
ParticleDecayId producer larreco Legacy
ParticleMaker producer larexamples Legacy
PhotonBackTrackerLoader producer larsim Legacy
PhotonCounterT0Matching producer larana Legacy
PhotonLibraryAnalyzer analyzer larsim Legacy
PhotonLibraryPropagation producer larsim Legacy
PlotSpacePoints analyzer larreco Legacy
PointIdEffTest analyzer larreco Legacy
PointIdTrainingData analyzer larreco Legacy
PrimaryVertexFinder producer larreco Legacy
PrintCalorimetry analyzer larreco Legacy
ProxyBaseTest analyzer lardata Legacy
PtrMakerAnalyzer analyzer lardata Legacy
PtrMakerProducer producer lardata Legacy
PtrMakerProducer2 producer lardata Legacy
RFFHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
RadioGen producer larsim Legacy
RawHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
RecoCheckAna analyzer larsim Legacy
RecoProxyUsageExample analyzer larexamples Legacy
RecompressRawDigits producer larsim Legacy
RemoveIsolatedSpacePoints producer larexamples Legacy
SNNueAr40CCGen producer larsim Legacy
SeedAna analyzer larreco Legacy
SeedFinderModule producer larreco Legacy
ServicePackTest analyzer lardata Legacy
ShiftEdepSCE producer larsim Legacy
ShowerCalibrationGaloreTest analyzer larexamples Legacy
ShowerCheater producer larreco Legacy
ShowerFinder producer larreco Legacy
ShowerQuality analyzer larreco Legacy
ShowerReco producer larreco Legacy
ShowerReco3D producer larreco Legacy
SimDriftElectrons producer larsim Legacy
SimPhotonCounter analyzer larana Legacy
SimWire producer larsim Legacy
SimWireAna analyzer larsim Legacy
SimpleChannelStatusTest analyzer larevt Legacy
SimpleClusterMerger producer larreco Legacy
SimpleLineCluster producer larreco Legacy
SingleGen producer larsim Legacy
SmallClusterFilter filter larevt Legacy
SmallClusterFinder producer larreco Legacy
SpacePointAna analyzer larreco Legacy
SpacePointCheater producer larreco Legacy
SpacePointFinder producer larreco Legacy
SpacePointMaker producer larexamples Legacy
SpacePointSolver producer larreco Legacy
SpacePts producer larreco Legacy
StandardPandora producer larpandora Legacy
TCShower producer larreco Legacy
TCShowerAnalysis analyzer larreco Legacy
TCShowerElectronLikelihood analyzer larreco Legacy
TCShowerTemplateMaker analyzer larreco Legacy
TCTrack producer larreco Legacy
TTHitFinder producer larreco Legacy
TTSpacePointFinder producer larreco Legacy
TestGeneratedEventTimestamp analyzer larsim Legacy
TextFileGen producer larsim Legacy
TotallyCheatTracker producer larexamples Legacy
ToyOneShowerGen producer larsim Legacy
Track3DKalman producer larreco Legacy
Track3DKalmanHit producer larreco Legacy
Track3DKalmanSPS producer larreco Legacy
Track3Dreco producer larreco Legacy
TrackAna analyzer larreco Legacy
TrackCalorimetry producer larreco Legacy
TrackCheater producer larreco Legacy
TrackContainmentAnalyzer analyzer larana Legacy
TrackContainmentTagger producer larana Legacy
TrackKalmanCheater producer larreco Legacy
TrackPFParticleMatch producer larana Legacy
TrackProducerFromPFParticle producer larreco Legacy
TrackProducerFromTrack producer larreco Legacy
TrackProducerFromTrackTrajectory producer larreco Legacy
TrackProxyHitMaker producer lardata Legacy
TrackProxyTest analyzer lardata Legacy
TrackProxyTrackMaker producer lardata Legacy
TrackShowerHits producer larreco Legacy
TrackStitcher producer larreco Legacy
TrackTimeAssoc producer larana Legacy
TrackTimeAssocAna analyzer larana Legacy
TrajCluster producer larreco Legacy
VertexCheater producer larreco Legacy
VertexFinder2D producer larreco Legacy
VertexFitter producer larreco Legacy
VertexMatch producer larreco Legacy
WienerFilterAna analyzer larsim Legacy
WireCellNoiseFilter producer larwirecell Legacy
WireCellToolkit producer larwirecell Legacy
fuzzyCluster producer larreco Legacy
larg4Main producer larg4 Legacy