Using Jobsub Client from Fermilab Interactive Nodes

Most users with access to Fermilab interactive nodes don’t need to download, they just need to setup using UPS product areas. If you want to download and install the client, refer to Obtaining the client

On a gpvm machine such as novagpvm01, it can be set up like this:

. /grid/fermiapp/products/common/etc/
setup jobsub_client

If you want to setup a particular version explicitly, do,

. /grid/fermiapp/products/common/etc/

# Lookup available versions
ups list -aK+ jobsub_client

# Explicitly setup a version, for example v1_0
setup jobsub_client v1_0

Obtaining the Jobsub Client

These instructions apply to users that want to install their own version of jobsub client outside the Fermilab interactive nodes

If you have root you can install from KITS and then use UPS/UPD . The following is an example of installing v1_0 and declaring it 'current':

# yum -y install upsupdbootstrap-fnal
# su products -c ". /fnal/ups/etc/; setup ups; setup upd; upd install jobsub_client v1_0 -f NULL; ups declare -c jobsub_client v1_0" 

after this, as a normal user:

$ . /fnal/ups/etc/
$ setup jobsub_client
$ which jobsub_submit

Downloading the JobSub Client tarball

Client only tarball is available at:

Installing from GIT

git clone
cd jobsub
# versions are tagged in following format v<major>.<minor>.<revision> Examples: v0.1, v0.1.2.1, v0.2
git checkout <version>

Jobsub Client Dependencies